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Help Me Grow: The Benefits of Fish Fertilizer

Help me grow

Do you have a hard time getting things to grow? Are you like our friend here, who just can’t seem to succeed growing fruits, vegetables, and the like? Fear not…there’s hope, even for Maura.

If you’re worried about chemicals in your soil, and therefore your food, you should watch.

If you can’t figure out which fertilizer in the store is the “right” one to get, you should watch.

If you just can’t seem to get anything to grow to save your life, you should definitely watch!

Fish Fertilizer

Who knew there was so much to learn about fertilizer, including the fact that it can be made from fish? Yes, FISH! The Native Americans actually used fish, the whole fish, when growing food because of the impact the nutrients had on the soil. Today, our Trident’s Pride line of fish fertilizer is made from sustainable, locally grown, clean and consumable rainbow trout that is ground up to naturally break down into amino acids. These aminos acids are what help plants absorb and retain nutrients more efficiently, and also increase the amount of other vitamins and minerals beneficial to growth.

Why Fish?

If you’re like us, you try to steer away from using chemicals in your daily life whenever possible. Especially when it comes to the food you’re going to eventually eat! Using chemicals in our fertilizers has numerous side effects and unintended consequences, including hardened soil, decreased soil fertility, and soil, air, and water pollution to name a few. And who really wants to ingest extra chemicals???

What is NPK?

You’ve decided that fish fertilizer is the way to go, and you’re now standing in the fertilizer aisle, totally confused by all the letters and numbers in front of you. I mean, you really just want to grow something. How hard can it be?

This NPK you are seeing is actually a really helpful ratio. This represents the micro-nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium used by plants. Basically, the higher the number, the higher the concentration. This number will help you determine how much you need to use based on the amount of soil, and the kind of plant you’re growing. Nitrogen helps the growth of leaves, Phosphorus helps root growth and flower and fruit development, and Potassium helps the plant’s overall function. All pretty important for success!

Great! So, how do I use it?

Fish fertilizer can be used in liquid or granular form – depending on what you need! It’s easy, and most importantly, it doesn’t make your veggies taste like fish!

There’s a lot to know about growing…

Still have questions about fish fertilizer? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What caught my attention is when you said that the amino acids on fertilizers help plants efficiently absorb and retain nutrients. This sounds like a helpful tip because I want to find a way to ensure healthier crops for me. Maybe, I can find a reliable fertilizer supplier within the week.

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