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Which Ice Melt Product Should I Choose?

There are many choices in ice melts and it is not always easy to determine which is best for you. Hopefully, these considerations might make it easier for you to make the right selection that best suits your needs. Here are some things to weigh as you make your decision:

  1.  How important are environmental concerns* to your decision? If “enviro” concerns are of paramount importance to your decision-making, then a non-salt ice melt (also called nonchloride) might be your best choice. 
    • *Environmental concerns in this context mean runoff into water supplies, damage to infrastructure, expensive garden plantings, and specialty walkways made of decorative stones or brick, etc.
    • Other considerations for choosing a “non-salt” ice melt might be that they are not conductive around electrical lighting, switches, etc. Some are approved for use on runways.
  2. Where do you live and how severe is your temperature? Some ice melts are more “aggressive” than others. Calcium chloride is one of the fastest acting and works well at low temperatures but it also can be somewhat more corrosive than other ice melters. But in zones of the US where temperatures can stay very low for extended periods of time, calcium chloride can be more effective. 
  3. What if I want fast-acting, low temperature, and also something environmentally friendly — then your best choice is our MagPlus. MagPlus is a magnesium chloride salt nearly as aggressive as calcium chloride and it works almost to the same low temperatures. It starts a little slower in its melt but MagPlus lasts a little longer than calcium chloride. It doesn’t burn itself out as quickly as calcium chloride. Importantly, MagPlus contains a corrosion inhibitor to better protect the environment.

So there you have it! Choose the right ice melt for your area of the country and for your personal needs. Regardless, you can’t make a bad choice.

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