Bare Ground Jet Way Sodium Formate Granular Deicer


  • Sodium Formate (SAE AMS 1431D Rated) Granular Deicer
  • Airport Runways, Helipads, Schools, Railways, Military Bases
  • SAE AMS 1431D Rated Meets FAA Standards
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Polluting, Non-Chloride, Non-Corrosive
  • Biodegradability >90%
  • Faster Melting with Long Term Residual Anti-Icing Effect in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Effective Freeze Point -15F
  • Usage 4 oz per Square Yard


Bare Ground Jet Way Sodium Formate is a non-chloride/non-conductive granular deicer that meets SEA AMS 1431D specifications for use at airports, railways, and helipads. Jet Way is designed for usage in areas where urea and calcium might be harmful to the surrounding areas such as around hospitals, schools, and military installations. It is a solid spreadable deicer that has a long-lasting effect even under severe weather conditions. Recommended usage is 4oz per square yard. Jet Way has a long term residual anti-icing effect with an effective freeze point of -15F.

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