Making All Seasons Bareable

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, Bare Ground has you covered. Seasonal challenges from snow and ice, to mosquitoes and hungry deer, and even persistent mold - we have your natural solution!



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Bare Ground Winter

The Bare Ground Winter line contains a wide variety of products that are designed to make winter more bareable. Environmentally friendly and virtually non-corrosive liquid spray-on anti-snow deicers and a range of sprayer applicators for the home owner and commercial maintenance specialist alike make both proactive and reactive snow removal manageable. Special coated granular blends in bags, boxes and jugs and snow tools to make winter life easier - for everyone.

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Just Scentsational

Just Scentsational by Bare Ground is an innovative, wholly organic line of products designed to rid your yard and garden of unwanted pests the natural way. From Scentry Stones that infused with a predator scent to create the 'flight or flight' response in prey animals to the Pooh Stonewhich allows you to quickly and easily train your pet to use a specific area of your yard for taking care of “business”, to garlic based insect repellents to naturally keep mosquitoes and other pests away...Just Scentsational ensures you'll be safely free of unwanted pests all season long.

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One Shot is a unique line that encompasses specialty paints, surface coatings and sealants, specialty cleaners, and mold/mildew/odor/fungus alleviation products. Whether you're marking parking areas, controlling the dust at a construction site, protecting your brick work, or removing graffiti, One Shot has you covered.

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