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Since 1996, Bare Ground Solutions, a family-run company, has been bringing creative "solutions" to deal with everyday issues. Bare Ground introduced the first virtually non-corrosive spray-on liquid winter deicer solution in 1996. The Bare Ground product line rapidly expanded with the success of the liquid deicer and today encompasses many unique, environmentally friendly liquid, granular, and gel formulations that truly make winter more bareable. Used by cities and municipalities to de-ice roadways since the late '90s, Bare Ground has made it possible for homeowners to access the same professional-grade formula! On this website you’ll find liquid deicers to help reduce the amount of snow that sticks, make shoveling easier, and melts residual ice, granular deicers with infused traction granules, granular formulations with calcium chloride pellets and flakes for a hotter burn and faster melt and our new Ice Dam preventing gel. We offer other winter products as well. Many of our Bare Ground products are not found elsewhere. Our unique snow tools include the Bare Blaster propane ice torch and our new GelMelt ice dam treatment that uses a jellified magnesium chloride to carve a channel into dense snow and ice packs to allow melt water to run off the roof and into the gutters and downspouts and not down into your home.

In 2007, Bare Ground expanded its world to include scent-based dog training in the form of the Pooh Stone for outdoor use, and later an indoor training aid, “Here Doggie”, which includes attractants that dogs find irresistible. They are quick and easy training aids to help keep your carpets and floors cleaner and your grass healthier by teaching your dog to do its "business" where you want it to go. This new line would expand to a broad product family - Just Scentsational - by including scented small animal repellents in 2009 because of the need for non-kill, environmentally friendly, safe garden pest deterrents. These unique products use non-lethal, organic, and environmentally friendly scents to send a powerful message to small unwanted pests that the surrounding area is an active predator zone. Once the "fight or flight" response is triggered in small animals, the lawn and garden becomes free of unwanted intruders that ravage local plants, gardens, and bird feeders. Today the Just Scentsational line has expanded to include entirely new Garlic Scentry products which harness the raw power of garlic liquid to stop unwanted animals, insects, and even some birds from doing damage to trees and plants. Just Scentsational has also focused on creative ways of applying the scents including a rechargeable stone, various trigger sprayers, and hand pressurized sprayers as well.

In 2015, the Just Scentsational product line expanded to include fertilizers when Bare Ground introduced Trident’s Pride liquid fish fertilizer to the Just Scentsational line of products, followed by liquid garlic spray in 2016, and spray on grass and mulch colorants in 2017.

In 2017, as Bare Ground entered into its 3rd decade, the One Shot product line of specialty sealants and coatings was introduced to round out the Bare Ground Solutions family. From driveway sealants to graffiti remover to mold inhibitors, One Shot by Bare Ground has you covered.

Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, Bare Ground and Just Scentsational use the most creative concepts to protect you and your property without causing harm to the environment or animals that live in it. Bare Ground… once making only winter bareable… now makes every season more bareable!