GelMelt for Ice Dams

See how easy it is to prevent and treat irritating and costly ice damns that form on your roof with our Bare Ground Bolt GelMelt!

BareBlaster Torch

Not just for melting snow and ice, our Torch is also useful in other seasons for eliminating weeds!

Bare Ground Deluxe Sprayer System

Battery Powered Sprayer

See how easy our Battery Powered Sprayer is to operate with all of our liquid products - from liquid ice melt to garlic scentry mosquito and pest repellent! Useful in all seasons!

What is Bare Ground? Bare Ground is an all natural environmentally safe co-product of corn, grain or agricultural processing sometimes containing distillers condensed solubles that is added to a base of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2). Bare Ground is non toxic, water soluble, non flammable, biodegradable and less corrosive than water.

When should I use Bare Ground? Bare Ground can be used as an anti-snow agent prior to a snow storm or ice storm. Bare Ground is also an excellent deicer which can be applied directly to an ice or snow pack. Are there any cautions to using Bare Ground? Yes, do not apply Bare Ground when the temperature is over 35 degrees because it can create a slippery surface.

How does Bare Ground work? Bare Ground sinks to the surface level, melting as it goes down, and spreads out after reaching the surface breaking the bond between the snow or ice and the pavement for an easy and complete cleanup.

How long does Bare Ground take to work? Bare Ground should be applied about 1 1/2hr. to 2hrs. before a snow or ice storm to be effective in reducing the accumulation of snow.

How much does 1 (one) gallon cover? If you choose to use Bare Ground as an anti-snow agent to reduce possible snow accumulation, you will find that a liberal misting can treat a two car driveway that measures 20’ by 50’ plus extra walkways or about 1000sq.ft.

Does Bare Ground have a shelf life? No. Just shake the capped container to dislodge any sediments that may have settled and Bare Ground is ready to be used again.

Just Scentsational FAQs:

Why does the scent repel or deter animals?

Predator urine, whether it is fox or coyote, will trigger the fight or flight response in small animals of prey.  This basic survival instinct causes the animal of prey to flee the area.  The Garlic Scentry product deters animals because of both the unpleasant odor of garlic that they perceive and the taste of the garlic liquid on plant leaves.

Which animals are most deterred by the scent of the coyote and fox?

Most, but not all, smaller animals are intimidated by both scents.  Deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, mice, rats, groundhogs, skunks and others are repelled by the scent.  Larger, bolder animals like the raccoon are not as intimidated.

Which scent is the best for me… garlic, coyote or fox?

Coyote urine is apt to deter larger animals of prey such as deer and works well as a deterrent in areas where coyote’s normally reside.   Fox urine is more recognizable in the animal kingdom because of the broader range of the fox and, for that reason, is widely used by those looking to deter smaller animals such as mice and rabbits.  Garlic is an excellent deterrent for deer and rabbits that forage a garden nibbling plants to the stem.  Garlic works systemically and remains active as a deterrent in the plant even after the odor dissipates.

How much scent or liquid does it take to repel or deter an animal?

About one ounce of urine will provide coverage in a 16ft diameter of the yard or garden.  We suggest spraying the garlic scent on the leaves and stems of the plants that you wish to protect.

How long will the scent work to repel or deter an animal?

Without significant rainfall, the scent should provide coverage for about 30 days

Should I use a scentry stone or should I apply the liquid directly?

Garlic should be sprayed directly on and around the plants that you wish to protect.  The predator urine (fox and coyote) can be applied directly to the ground and trunks of trees to create a deterrent barrier.  One ounce can be applied to the scentry stone and then placed into the garden for longer life of the scent.  The scentry stone case is designed to offer protection of the stone and preservation of the scent.

Is the scent and garlic liquid enviro-friendly?

These non-lethal techniques are all organic and eco-friendly.  They are tried and true methods used by farmers and serious gardeners for many generations.  Garlic will cause no harm and will not affect the edibility of the food or fruit.

Will the urine or garlic harm other animals or humans?

No harm will occur to animals that ingest or inhale the scent of any of the Just Scentsational scent based repellents.

How long will it take to see results?

In order to get the best possible results, move around the garden every few days and put the predator scent in different areas of the yard and garden so that the animals you wish to deter think that your yard is an active predator area.  By continuing to apply only in the same area, the animals become complacent.

Does the predator urine or garlic work every time?

Depending upon how hungry the local animals are they might choose to tempt fate and forage in your yard and garden.  It is important to remember that most repellents are not foolproof.  Not every repellent works every time with every type of animal.

What other options are there?

We are an all natural, organic and non lethal option.  There are traps and snares which are less humane and can be used with varying results.

Will the scents repel insects and birds?

Most birds don’t have a good sense of smell so coyote and fox urine will not have any effect.  However, fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with garlic will be found to be unappealing to birds.  Yet, the taste of the garlic will not be perceptible to humans eating the same fruits and vegetables.  Garlic liquid has also been shown to work against many plant insects including aphids and mosquitos in standing water.

Can I water down the scent or the garlic?

Both the coyote and fox urines should always be used full strength for maximum effect.  The pre-mixed garlic should be used just as it is received.  The garlic concentrate should be watered down according to the instructions on the label


For further questions, please feel free to call our consumer hotline at 888-800-8356