Bite Barrier with Garscentria Liquid


Kit Includes:

4oz bottle of Garscentria Liquid with pump spray and a pair of knee-high Bite Barrier’s

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Insect Barrier

If the threat of insect-transmitted diseases is keeping you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, it’s time to put your foot down and get back to enjoying nature with less worry. Bite Barrier provides extra protection against biting and blood-sucking pests that might be carrying dangerous diseases. Whether you are hiking the trails or working the garden, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, and spiders are everywhere.

Bite Blockers are so easy to use! Simply spray the Bite Blockers with all-natural Garscentria Liquid (4oz bottled included in kit) which has been specifically formulated with concentrated garlic and essential oils shown to be effective against flying insects like mosquitoes as well as ticks. Slip on the treated mid-thigh length stockings to keep these dangerous insects away from you and off your skin. Enjoy the extra added soothing “stocking” compression when you walk, hike or work in the garden. The Bite Barrier makes being outdoors less stressful because you’ve got the extra protection against Lyme ticks, EEE, and West Nile mosquitoes.

  • Unisex (one size fits all)
  • Protection Against Biting Insects
  • Blocks Disease Carrying Insects
  • Prevents Direct Contact with Your Skin
  • Safe Around Pets + People
  • Includes Pump Bottle of
  • Garscentria Liquid
  • Easy and Quick to Apply to Bite Barrier’s
  • Dries Quickly with Mild Odor
  • Provides Soothing Compression
  • Effective on Mosquitoes and Ticks
  • EPA FIFRE 25(b) Exempt oils used in
  • the formulation
  • Broad Spectrum Solution for use anywhere
  • No Aquatic Toxicity
  • No Pyrethroid Restrictions
  • Mosquito Octopamine Blocker (disrupts insects neurotransmitters)

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