Just Scentsational Green Up Grass Colorant Concentrate


Green Grass Colorant to cover dead/bare spots in your lawn. Dries fast, water resistant when dry. Will not fade or turn blue after applying. Colors brown grass to a lush green. Less expensive than over seeding. Safe on all types of grass/turf.


If your grass not greening up quite as nicely as you had hoped? Just Scentsational’s Green Up Grass Colorant is a permanent turf colorant paint/dye that colors brown grass to a lush green. Green Up Grass Colorant is a water based, easy to use, extremely durable, safe, grass dye that looks natural and will not turn blue. Great for use on your home lawn as well as on golf courses and athletic fields to give a lush natural looking healthy grass color. Environmentally friendly, fast dry colorant, turf dye, should be applied on brown, dormant grass to instantly turn it a healthy lush looking natural green. The coverage area will depend on the intensity of the green color required, the height of the grass to be painted with turf dye, and speed and type of the application equipment used. One gallon should cover between 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. It is extremely durable and will not peel or flake from the grass blades. It will come off as grass becomes healthy, grows and is mowed off along with the grass blades.


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