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Top Tips to Avoid Ice Dam Issues

If you happen to utter the words “Ice Dams”, do you notice that people tend to cringe? Last winter was particularly brutal, and homeowners and insurance companies alike are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst!

Peter Marshall, owner of Marshall Insurance in Marlborough, MA said he and his staff processed claims for their customers all day, every day for six weeks during the end of last winter. “I fielded questions from almost everyone I encountered for months after that, as well.” Ice Dam claims in the Northeast last year alone cost insurers $1.8 billion dollars. And the issues for homeowners? Well, let’s just say most everyone who dealt with ice dams last winter will do anything to avoid them again this time around!

But how can you prepare for Mother Nature this year? There are two main ways – preventative measures before winter approaches, and channeling water through ice and snow once your roof is covered!

If you have more time and resources at your disposal, performing an energy audit is key to really knowing your home. This critical process will tell you if your attic is well insulated, and identify your risks for ice dams. But it is already December, and the snow will be here before we know it!

Once snow and ice have built up on your roof, it’s the melting water that causes nightmares because it has nowhere to go but in… under your roof, down your walls and .. INTO YOUR HOME! Your first action is to make a channel for the water to leave your roof before it has a chance to back up under your shingles and soak on through into your home causing damage.

Use safe and effective products to efficiently remove snow and ice from your roof! There are many products out there that can work to remove ice dams – but few can ensure they work the first time, efficiently and are virtually non-corrosive as to not harm your roof, and is safe or plants, animals, and humans on the ground below.

When possible, choose compounds that are environmentally-safe, pet-safe, and virtually non-corrosive, like magnesium chloride with a corn inhibitor that Bare Ground uses in our new gel melts and other winter products. With a little preparation, you should be able to handle whatever Mother Nature blows your way this winter!

Stay warm and ice-free!

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