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Yikes, I saw a coyote…

Yikes, I saw a coyote…

This is one heck of a pervasive critter that stalks our neighborhoods and endangers both humans and our pets and livestock. You can protect yourself and your property from them by using Just Scentsational’s Wolf Urine as a deterrent. It’s the non lethal way to send them the message…there’s someone larger than you and you’re not always the top dog in this neighborhood. 

Odor has been a great deterrent but there are other ways to protect yourself.  Consider putting up a fence around your perimeter to deter them but keep in mind that they can easily leap a 6ft high fence.  What else can you do proactively?  Monitor your garbage and other possible food sources for coyotes such as rodents, squirrels, rabbits and your own pets!  Keep them inside when coyotes are present.  Walking your dog late at night?  Make sure you take a flashlight with you and some sort of noise maker just in case they get too close.

Is it time for you to put up motion sensitive lighting around your houses?  That’s also a great way to frighten them off.  Most of these PIR lights are available as solar powered lights so you can even mount them anywhere without having to hard wire them. 

Regardless of whether you decide to use one or all of these useful tips…stay safe this season as coyotes are on the move all around us. 

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