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Best Ice Melt for Asphalt — The Spruce

Bare Ground Mag Plus Liquid Deicer - 5 Gallon

Bareground was featured in an article for The Spruce about the best ice melt for the winter season.

You can see the full article here:

Here is what they had to say:

“Bare Ground Liquid de-icer is effective for keeping snow and ice from sticking to asphalt surfaces such as some driveways—up to 10 days, according to the manufacturer. Applying this to bare ground before snow falls may stop up to 2 inches of snow from accumulating. Its effective low-temperature limit is listed as minus-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

This liquid product comes in a bag with a resealable pour nozzle. But you apply it by spraying, requiring a separate, dedicated sprayer (not included). You can use any standard sprayer, but we recommend using a separate hose from the one that you use with your plants. Expect the 5-gallon package to cover around 5,000 square feet (slightly larger than a basketball court). 

We have not noted any special danger to pets, although any ice melt can be harmful if ingested or licked off paws. You can also use it, as directed, around plants, although you should try not to spray directly on vegetation. It is also biodegradable. You can consult the UL Safety Data Sheet5 for more information.”

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  1. I was chatting with my neighbor, who owns a landscaping business, and he mentioned he’s been on the hunt for a reliable ice melt manufacturer. With the winter season approaching, he wants to ensure he has a steady supply of ice melt to keep his clients’ walkways and driveways safe and ice-free. I will relay to him that applying a de-icer to the bare ground before snow falls can prevent up to 2 inches of snow from accumulating and prevent snow and ice from clinging to asphalt surfaces like certain driveways. thanks a lot.

    We have been reliabel supplier since 1996! Would greatly appreciate the introduction.

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