Paw Pleaser Non Salt Deicer


  • Contains No Salts
  • Pet Safe
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Will not cause irritation to paws
  • Will not harm grass, plants or shrubs
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Paw Pleaser is 100% non salt formulation containing no harsh chemical chlorides. Specifically designed to reduce all environmental impacts. Paw Pleaser is completely pet safe and harmless around children and contains no harmful methans, glycols or methanol. Paw Pleaser will not cause harm to eyes, paws or fur. Paw Pleaser is a non toxic, non corrosive and non polluting formulation. Paw Pleaser runoff actually can boost lawn growth. Safe on all surfaces. Effective to 10F. Paw Pleaser can be sprayed during or after a snow or ice event using any conventional sprayer with an adjustable nozzle.


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