Just Scentsational Bark Mulch Colorant


  • Dries fast
  • Water-resistant when dry
  • Resists fading


Just Scentsational’s Bark Mulch Colorant is a permanent dye which restores color of old faded mulch. This ready to use colorant for mulch turns old weathered and bleached mulch to a bright brand new look, and comes in black, brown, and red. It’s water-based, easy to apply, extremely durable, looks natural.  It works very well as a permanent colorant on both natural and rubber based mulch. Easily apply with most spray applicators. Product can stain concrete and other hard surfaces when dry, please use drop cloths and measures to prevent unwanted over-spray. Permanently restores color of old faded mulch.  Reduces yearly landscaping budget.  Contain no hazardous materials, safe for the environment, people, plants and pets.  Available preloaded in a one gallon Pump Sprayer or a battery powered sprayer, half and one gallon liquid bottles, and quart, half gallon, and full gallon concentrated liquids.  Dries fast, water-resistant when dry and will resist fading.


Mulch Colorant Informational PDF

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One Gallon Preloaded Pump Sprayer, Battery Powered Sprayer w/1 Gallon, One Gallon, Half Gallon, Concentrate – Quart, Concentrate – Half Gallon, Concentrate – Gallon


Black, Red, Brown


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