Germ Warface GW


  • Very effective to eliminate odors from synthetic turf sports fields. Not an EPA registered product.
  • Instantly removes sources of odors, not just mask the odors.
  • Also acts as a cleaner. Kills both oil and water-based odors.
  • 64x Quaternary Concentrate product, has to be diluted before use.
  • Dilute 1 part with 64 parts water. 2 ounces per gallon.
  • Can be sprayed with pump-up handheld sprayers or ride-on boom sprayers.
  • Leaves no sticky or soapy residues to attract dirt, soil, re-staining.
  • Safe to wash down diluted rinse liquid in sewer system.
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GERM WARFARE GW is a very effective quaternary ammonium formulation to control germs, bacteria, microbes that cause bad, foul odor. GERM-WARFARE GW is a specially engineered, water-based concentrated product, that actually eliminates bad foul odors, not just mask or cover them up. GERM-WARFARE effectively stops bacteria, germs, microbes, that are responsible for causing the bad odors. It is a very concentrated product and needs to be diluted as per label instructions. Dilute 1 part with 64 parts of water. Even when diluted it is very effective and safe for use on a whole range of water-safe non-porous surfaces. Versatile formulation, designed for use virtually anywhere to eliminate airborne odors and substrate embedded odors. Used in high school restrooms, lobbies, hotels, daycare facilities, parks, and recreational facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, pet care, etc.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 in


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