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Bare Ground Ordering Information

Bare Ground products are available for the consumer, homeowner and small business owner at Unique-Idea.

Questions about commercial sales should be directed to our dedicated sales line at 888-800-8356. Or you can contact us directly through our Contact Us page information.

Bare Ground Solution Commercial:

Comes in one gallon, five gallon, or 55 gallon containers. For other capacity containers that are available, contact us for more information.

  • Apply as an anti-snow solution before snowfalls to reduce the possible accumulation by up to 2" of snow
  • Prevent snow & ice from adhering to the pavement for 10-14 days because of residual reactivation effect
  • Apply to existing snow/Ice patches for superior de-icing at lower temperature than salt or pellets
  • Easy to apply with a Bare Ground Sprayer or any garden style sprayer
  • One gallon provides coverage equal to 50lbs of salts or pellets