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Bare Blaster Ice Torch

Bare BLASTER ice torch:

  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Clean burning & inexpensive
  • Screws on installation to standard propane tanks
  • Use on walkways, driveways & steps
  • Keeps property safe from accidental slips & falls
  • Precision flame gets rid of dangerous icy patches
  • Gets rid of weeds in summer
Immediate Ice Melting Results... that will amaze even you with the new and unique Bare Blaster. Eliminate back breaking chipping of dangerous icy patches and prevent slips and falls. Get rid of black ice and hard packed snow & ice quickly and easily. The Bare Blaster is made of nickel plated steel and brass to withstand the elements. It weighs under 4 lbs., including the propane cylinder (not included), and uses either the 14 oz. or 26 oz. propane tanks which are available at most hardware stores. The Blaster has a full 31” reach so that you don’t have to stoop and crouch. The flame control is adjustable. You’ll get year round use for summer weed control - just aim and blast them away!

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