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Winter products that are designed to make winter manageable. Environmentally friendly and virtually non corrosive liquid spray on anti-snow deicers and a range of sprayer applicators for the home owner and commercial maintenance specialist. Special coated granular blends in bags, boxes and jugs and snow tools to make winter life easier.
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Just Scentsational!
Just Scentsational! Innovative new wholly organic products designed to rid your yard and garden of unwanted pests the natural way. Each Scentry stone is infused with a predator scent so that prey animals including rabbits, deer, woodchucks, raccoon, skunk, squirrels, mice and rats will scurry off for protection elsewhere. The Pooh Stone is a dog attractant that will allow you to quickly and easily train your pet to use a specific area of your yard for taking care of “business”. The unique scent will bring your pet back time and again.
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One Shot
When the moisture is no longer prevalent, 1Shot n’ Gone Reseals the matrix locking in the active ingredients to the substrate until moisture becomes prevalent again. Amazingly, only 10% ambient humidity or higher keeps the active ingredients working for thousands of wet/dry cycles. The long term ability to inhibit mold, algae, microbes and odors can be nearly 25 years in “undisturbed” locations such as studs. Yet,1Shot n’ Gone can be removed with common household cleaners if needed.
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Testimonials Video
I compliment you on your product. It worked wonderfully. The walkway was clear and dry this morning. No ice like my neighbors.
Simone S.
New York, NY

used your product and was amazed and delighted when it worked exactly as advertised. My driveway and walk were completely clear within about an hour.
Donna M.
Lombard, IL